3 Expert-Approved Strategies to Maintain That Summer Glow

Even if summer is all but over, that doesn’t mean you should stop looking as if you spent a relaxing day at the closest beach. There are a number of ways to keep that glow even when temperature begins to drop.

Here are 3 of these expert-approved strategies:

freshboutiqueinc1: Continue to Use Sunscreen As You Would

While it’s normal for people to keep their sunscreens away after summer is over, it’s a good idea to wear all-year round. That is only if you want your complexion to look its absolute best. This is because they have been designed to protect your skin but also maintain that healthy glow. In other words, apply SPF every day in order to maintain healthy skin that glows too.

2: Exfoliate Once Each Week

If you don’t exfoliate your skin properly, then it can develop a dull appearance that can be difficult to cover with makeup. Now, there are three types of scrubs: physical, chemical and enzymatic ones. It doesn’t matter which one you opt for as long as you exfoliate once a week. This will give you an instantly rejuvenated skin tone.

3: Avoid Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are a definite no-no. Instead of attaining healthy, glowing skin, it will leave you with dryer and less-glowing skin than you can imagine. Worse still, salons tend to fiter out UVB rays so as to decrease the risk of burning. This leaves the UVA rays that can cause skin cancer. For this reason, just stick with self-tanner. But most of all, stick to the directions that is on the packaging as much as possible.

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