5 fabrics that don’t photograph well

freshboutiqueinc-jan-2016Article Written by : Inexpensive Wedding Ideas
With the rise of social media, most people like to photograph what the are wearing, eating and their lifestyles. However, some fabrics when photographed will look less expensive than what they actually look like. If you are attending an event or an office function that involves a lot of photos, opt out of the following fabrics to ensure you get some flattering shots.

Velvet – Velvet looks and feels very luxurious in real life, but can translate to looking old and wrinkles in photos. To still wear a fabric that looks luxurious, choose a good quality suede fabric.

Sequins – Sequins are very reflective and this makes the outfit look special. However, in photographs, sequins can create unflattering reflections and cast contrast where they shouldn’t be. To still put together a special outfit, choose Jacquard. This fabric has detail and makes a statement while photographing well.

Lame – This is a shiny fabric with metallic fibers sewn into it. Although this fabric is party worthy, it tends to show wrinkles and creases. Instead opt for satin, which is reflective and will make you standout.

Tweed – Tweed is a classic, but can often cause blurring on the camera. To look good and still carry the vintage look, choose lace. Textured lace looks elegant on the camera and your focus will be on point.

Mesh – Mesh is sexy but can look scrunched or wrinkled on camera. To still wear a sheer fabric, choose silk. Silk will hang away from your body and look luxurious while making you look well put together.

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