All About Art Deco Rings

Summary: The art deco era produced a large amount of fantastic jewellery that

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques

The art deco era was all about abstraction, smooth lines, and symmetry. Materials were based on chrome, steel and platinum with influences coming from such masterpieces such as the Mayan ruins. The era also produced rings that have become extremely high in value and in demand. Keep these important things in mind when you are shopping around either online or in-store.

Art deco rings were created with quality in mind. Known for their high-grade diamonds, be on the lookout for an exceptional finish quality as well as clarity.

During the art deco era, this type of jewellery was so popular and high in demand that they were mass produced as costume jewellery. This type of jewellery relied on low quality stones to keep costs low. While these pieces have survived over the years, you should not expect these to hold a great deal of monetary value. Keep in mind that certain countries did not have hallmark or maker’s mark regulations at the time, so finding an authentic ring is possible without a stamp on them. Experienced appraisers can evaluate your ring and provide a report detailing its value.

Vintage engagement rings made with the art deco style in mind are great pieces to wear or enjoy. Their craftsmanship and quality really captured the post World War I happiness. A sense of a fresh start can be seen by the eclectic patterns and lines.


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