Choosing the Right Hair Color

If you are looking for a change in your look for the coming year, chances are that you might have considered going for a change of hair color. Whether the change would be drastic or subtle is up to you. However, if the change of color is drastic you might want to consider having a temporary trial to see whether the color suits your skin tone and hairstyle.


If you are a brunette going auburn would imply going down on some shades and if you are blonde it would imply going some shades darker. Auburn is a favorite among many celebrities and is a hair color that goes well with just about any skin color, depending on the shade used.

Bright and Unusual Colors

If you do not want to go for calm and natural colors, then you might consider bold and “crazy” colors such as deep pink or green. You might want to first give the color a try on semi-permanent hair dye before making the big leap. If you do not want to go full-on with the vibrant color, you might choose bright highlights.


If you are looking for a sexy and seductive hair color, red is the color to consider. The red hair color has been made popular by stars such as Emma Stone or Scarlett Johansson. Red is a tricky color to blend with your skin and eyes color and finding the right shade would require some trials and tests. You might want to add the red to your natural color gradually.

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