Cynthia Findlay Presents Vintage Flair for Less

Wondering how so many pull off the vintage look? The answer isn’t in big-box retailers. In fact, the vintage jewellery and fashion trends are found in secondhand stores and small shops all over the world. Before you put together your vintage wardrobe, read these tips on getting the style you want without breaking the bank.

Secondhand Stores

The myth of finding a quality, brand-name jacket at a garage sale is little more than a once in a lifetime story of luck. The true bargains and great finds are in secondhand stores in the more expensive parts of town. Try the Beverly Hills Salvation Army if you want something with chic.

Know the Era

The 1940s were the golden age for women with a curvy frame. Clothes were tailored to fit the waist comfortably, and the cut of fabric was more generous than it is today. Women who are slim and tall would do well to check clothes from the 1930s, where fabric is more likely to cling to the body.

Know When to Buy

It’s hard to find the right piece of vintage clothing for you. When you see art deco rings or hairpieces, it’s probably a good idea to get them if the style appeals to you. Don’t expect a lot of sales on these goods, but do expect to find some quality pieces that cost less than their mainstream counterparts. Remember that vintage really means “one of a kind,” so you might pay a small premium to get exactly what you want.
This guest post was written on behalf of Cynthia Findlay Antiques, where you can shop estate jewellery online.

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