Five surprising Styling Tricks

Article Written by : NRF Film

Often our sense of style can become predictable. To move from the simple LBD and venture into the stylish territory, here are some surprising styling tricks.

White on white – This is a good way to stand out from a crowd at formal events. You could opt for a simple white tailored piece or for versatility invest in a midi skirt and a white top that shows a bit of midriff. To finish off the look, opt for nude heels instead of white. These heels make your outfit the star of the show.

Move away from traditional colors – If you have plaid fabric and think it can look common, choose a black and white option in the form of a skater skirt or a jumpsuit.

Metallics – Bling is great to bring in a bit of glitter to an outfit. However too much can be overwhelming and tire on the eyes. Instead choose to add metallics in the form of a metallic pair of heels, a clutch or a top and complete your outfit with neutral shades.

Stockings – Stockings are a good choice to dress up a simple dress or skirt. Choose ones with lace patterns and intricate details to add a bit more sexiness.

Mix textures – Mixing textures is a good way to add interest. Look at fabrics like velvet and faux fur to add fun flirty textures to otherwise simple outfits.


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