Hacks to make high heels feel comfy

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Article Written by : Cathys Cosmetics

High heels make and outfit but can often be uncomfortable. To make your high heel experience a lot more comfortable, here are some high heel hacks.

When shopping for heels

Opt for styles with ties or straps – Straps are perfect as they allow room for adjustment if your feet start to swell. It is also good to buy a pair that is slightly bigger to give your toes a bit more room.

Always shop at the end of the day – Shop at the end of the day, as this will be when your feet are the biggest, due to blood circulation caused by walking throughout the day.

Choose thicker heels or wedges – Bigger heals give support and stability which help your muscles relax, minimizing the risk of aching feet.

Pick shoes with your ideal heel height – Your ideal heel height can be measured by sitting on a chair and holding your legs out straight. Then relax your foot and have someone measure horizontal distance between the parts of your heel, which is lowest to the floor.

Splurge on quality – Leather and suede are materials that will hug your feet and mold to your feet, causing less rubbing and blisters.

Before you head out, you need to break your shoes in. Do this by doing cleaning or relaxing around your house. You should wear your shoes at home, for as long as you can, before taking them out.

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