How to get the PJ trend right!

Yes Pajamas are acceptable for outer wear. Even celebrities like Selena Gomez have been seen wearing luxury PJ’s. Unfortunately, you will have to still wear makeup and shoes to carry off this outfit. But it’s a small price to pay to be able to lounge about in your PJ’s the entire day. This look is great for day, evening and night time wear and therefore is very versatile.

Colours- If your looking to draw attention to yourself in the right way, it’s advisable to choose a PJ in Black or Navy. If you’re bold and want to make a big statement choose a print or a stripe.

Fabrics- PJ’s come in a range of fabrics. If your looking to wear your PJ’s during the day choose a cotton fabric. For nighttime wear choose a sexy silk fabric.

Shoes- Since PJ bottoms are wide legged it’s best to stick to strappy sandals to make your outfit a little dainty and lady like. You could choose a red/ nude pair of heels for your Navy or Black PJ’s. Just make sure that your shoes are not too flashy.

Hair and Makeup- Unfortunately you will have to do your hair and makeup. Keep your hair and makeup simple yet polished. Think a simple style and blow dry, paired with neutral makeup and a red lip.

Accessories – Keep your accessories to a minimum, with a simple plain clutch which matches your shoes. As for jewellery, wear a simple watch with plain small earrings or a chain.

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