Stop Making These Beauty Blunders

beauty-blundersArticle by Herb Kimble.

We all make them. Sometimes they happen out of ignorance, other times we listen to bad advice from celebrities (hi Snooki and Gwyneth Paltrow!) or even from well-meaning friends. Or we read a headline but not the whole article or misunderstand what the piece is actually saying. But that’s okay. We’re here to help!

Conditioning the Wrong Spots
Start working in conditioner around your ears and take it to the ends. Don’t apply it all over like do would with shampoo, since the hair close to the roots is healthy and doesn’t need it, not to mention that the extra product there can actually wear your hair down.

Not Knowing Your Skin Type
This is huge, and people often dive in and try different substances that others rave out without checking to see if they’re a fit. And an online quiz is NOT how your figure out your skin type. See a dermatologist and then grill him or her about what to look for on ingredients lists for sunscreens, antioxidant serums, exfoliators and moisturizer. Also see if they have lifestyle tips that fit your type of skin.

Home Remedies
Yeah, we know that a DIY facial with avocado or this fruit or that one sounds pretty cool and relaxing, but many dermatologists say facials are a bad idea. Also, lots of these home remedies aren’t exactly generated from studies, but more like a keyboard and a rumor that goes “No, this is truly awesome, you gotta try it!” So be skeptical, it’s better to pass than goop on something that doesn’t work or makes you break out.

Using Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes
Since these creams have hydrating agents, they may actually make the puffiness puffier—NOT the goal. Instead, see if you can find a light eye gel that contains caffeine or simply apply an ice pack for 15 minutes to bring down the puffiness.

Too Much Bronzer
Take it easy. You want a glow, not to be glowing like you were exposed to radiation in a screwy science experiment.

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