The Right Shoes for the Right Occasion

Written by: A Fashionable Mind

1364519_35574108The Right Shoes for the Right Occasion

Shoe shopping for special occasions require careful selection to match them with your outfit and to adhere to the set theme of the event.

For the office
For office work choose something elegant and formal in muted colors such as blacks, dark browns, greys and beiges. For heels, opt for chunky ones, especially if you tend to walk a lot during your working hours. Chunky heels are comfortable and elegant.

For sports
For sports popular choices are running shoes or cross-trainers. Running shoes would be better suited if you practise jogging or walking mostly. Cross-trainers are more suitable for activities such as such as aerobics.

For picnics and casual events
Choose sneakers of flat shoes if you are going somewhere that would require light walking. For barbecues and casual parties you can choose colorful flats, ideal for summer outdoor parties.

Evening parties
For evening parties or semi-formal occasions the choice of shoes is up to you. You may opt for flat shoes or decide to wear a small heel to gain a little height.

Engagements and weddings
For engagements and weddings it’s all about being pretty. High and elegant heels would complement your dress. You can match the color of your heels with your dress or decide to go with contrasting colors.

For clubbing you would want to wear some heels to go with your sexy outfit. However, think about comfort as well. If you intend to dance throughout the night, choose heels that are comfortable and light.

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