Three Must-Have Vintage Tableware Pieces

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Do you collect vintage tableware? Chances are you already have the essentials: plates, bowls, cups. So why not venture outside of the basic tableware collection and add some additional pieces to the mix? Here are three must-have vintage tableware pieces that can add both style and function to any dinner party.

Vintage Serving Dishes

Food is best served in proper serving dishes. So why not ensure your serving dishes are something to talk about? Vintage serving dishes are beautiful and practical – sure to steal the show. For formal events, go for vintage serving dishes with pedestals or handles.

Vintage Pitchers

A pitcher of water with sliced lemons, cucumbers, or strawberries is a simple way to add elegance to your dinner table and refresh your guests. Bypass ordinary and contemporary pitchers for a vintage pitcher that is both beautiful and functional. Consider a classic silver pitcher or add a burst of color to the table with a cranberry-hued glass pitcher.

Vintage Cake Stand

Your dinner party isn’t complete without dessert. But how you present that deliciously sweet course makes all the difference. Forget the boring cake stand; vintage cake stands are works of art that will be remembered long after the dessert is gone. Find one that features a few layers so you can either use it for a multi-layered cake or place various desserts on each layer.

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