Ways to Display Antique Art Pottery at Home

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Art pottery can add beauty and elegance to any home. Whether you collect antique art pottery or own a single piece, here are a few easy and creative ways to display them in your home.

Fireplace Mantel Display

To show off the beauty of an antique vase or urn, place the piece on the fireplace mantel. When displayed as the only piece above the fireplace, you can create a simple, yet stylish mantel display. However, don’t be afraid to add other pieces of value to enhance the display.

Staircase Décor

If you thought the only way to enhance a staircase was to drape some flowers along the rail or add photographs to the wall, you thought wrong. Another simple yet elegant way to display antique art pottery is to place the piece at the bottom of the stairs. Simply make sure the piece is far enough on either side so that it’s not obstructing the walkway.

Side Table Display

A side table display of your pottery piece can become the centerpiece of any room. Choose a side table that is sturdy and large enough to accommodate the piece. It’s also important to make sure that the surface of the table is smooth. If the table is large enough, consider adding a few pottery pieces for creating an impressive display.

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