What to do if you hate your engagement ring

As fall comes along, so does engagement season. Although getting engaged can be an exciting time, what happens if you hate your engagement ring? In the event of this unfortunate situation, here are some useful tips that will keep you and your significant other happy.

Tactfully tell your fiancé – It is best to tell your partner how you feel about the ring. However, you must broach the subject with care and tact. Tell your partner that although you love him/her and you are happy that you are sharing your life with them, the ring on the other hand is something you can’t see yourself wearing.

Work together to re-design it – Once your fiancé is aware of how you feel, ask if he/she would be willing to work together to re-design it. Look at designs online that you could use as inspiration to alter your ring. If your ring was purchased new, it is best to visit the store and ask them if they could do any alterations.

Learn to love it – You may not want to tell your partner as this could be something that would upset him/her, especially if they had taken a lot of time to find the perfect ring. Remember that you are marrying the person and not the ring. In this case wear the ring and understand what it symbolizes; the love you share between one another.

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