Why It’s Important to Use Natural Dyes in Clothing

Kids organic pajamas conform to extremely strict standards in order to be considered “truly” organic. Some of those standards have to do with production, where dyes and machinery are used to put the final touches on clothing. Here, we’ll look at why natural dyes are a better alternative than manmade chemicals, and we’ll explore why it’s important to go all natural.

Natural Dyes Explained

Most of the natural dyes that you find used in kids organic cotton pajamas come from either vegetable or plant sources. Roots, bark and berries all contain pigments needed to form natural colors. Fungi, and other biological lifeforms, may also contain the kind of colors one needs for natural dyes.

Dyes are derived from plants in a process that involves heating water to extract the dye from the natural elements. The end result is vibrant color. Occasionally, some natural dyes require the use of chemicals called “mordants” that are used to bind the dye.

How Natural Became a Premium

Decades ago, natural dyes were basically the only way to get those colors. Then, manufacturing companies figure out how to use chemicals to achieve the same effect. As you might imagine, some of those chemicals carry harmful effects for your respiratory system.

Plus, natural dyes have very pure and vibrant shades that chemicals can’t really replicate. Girls organic pajamas look colorful and alive when natural dyes are used. Demand is growing for natural dyes, and their use will only increase across the United States and Europe.

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