4 Makeup Tips to Consider This Fall

Makeup tips for the summer has always been bright. Yet when it comes to the fall, the recommendations are always darker and deeper in color.

Here are 4 makeup tips that won’t fail you during the fall:

1: Smoky eyes

If you must, move away from the usual black and charcoal hues and switch to brighter colors. For that matter, purple is the perfect option along with any other eye color. Most of all, it exudes that glamorous evening look. Of course, if you are looking for distinct eyes, then think about playing down your lip shade.

 freshboutiqeinc2: Bold colors for lips

Try using bold colors during this fall. Whether it’s the matte, glossy or shimmering finish you’re looking for, this is perfectly achievable with a wide variety of bold colors. Best part: opt for deep ruby colors as they go very well with a combination of tanned skin and dark brown eyes.

3: Try nude make-up

Not only is this type of makeup minimalistic but it also looks great. For this, use foundation to hide all the imperfections while applying powder to remove excess lustre. Now, apply highlighter to your chin, forehead and cheeks. Don’t use mascara but instead twist your eyelashes with tongs while applying shimmering shadows under the brows as well as the inner eye areas. Also, just add a bit of lip gloss. In other words, just keep your lips simple.

4: Make use of seductive brown shades

Warm browns are perfect for makeup this fall. Mild brown shades will look just adequate for all skin tones. First, you apply dusty brown shadows all over your upper lid and contour your eyes with deep black eyeliner. For a more distinct look, color the lower waterline while covering your lashes with coats of brown mascara. Also, use bronzer or copper lipstick for that overall, warm look.

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