4 Fashion Tips That Men Can Follow

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Let’s face it: women are more conscious when it comes to fashion and what flatters their figure too.

They’re also more conscious of fashion trends too and keep up, thanks to tips from bloggers, womenswear designers etc.

But men can benefit from their advice. Here are 4 tips that men can imbibe from fashion tips offered by women for women:

1: Own as many white button down shirts

Marilyn Monroe loved white button down shirts. A crisp white dress shirt will never go out of style and will make just about anyone look good. Not only will it add to a pair of jeans but will just improve your looks overall. Of course, they can get ruined quickly but you can refresh this look regularly.

 freshboutiqueinc2: Purchase multiples

Jackie O had a closet full of sheath dresses. In other words, she knew what flattered her figure and stuck with it. So, not very differently, if you know what flatters your figures, buy doubles or multiples. If it works for you, don’t question it.

3: Embrace your shape

Almost every lifestyle and women’s magazine instructs women to embrace their shape and stature. Men should do no differently. Find out what type of body type you have and accordingly, wear what flatters you the most.

4: List what you want to buy

If there are clothes that you’d like to buy, then make a list of what you want and where you can get them on the cheap. Remember: whatever you purchase should go well with what you already have in your closet. This will make you life easier.

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