4 things that women with great style do

freshboutiqueincIts hard to put your finger on what makes a women stylish. Is it her amazing wardrobe ? is it her ability to find designer outfits? Or is it her signature style which always revolves around her white T? Here are four rules that stylish women swear by:

Visit your local flee market

When traveling ask the locals where the best flee market/ thrift stores are located and make a point to visit them. Apart from finding one of a kind pieces, prices will be lower, which means you can buy a lot more. Influence your style with a native top or statement jewellery that can be paired with a contemporary piece in your wardrobe.

Always wear your shades

Even if you’re popping into your local grocery store, wear your shades. Anyone wearing a pair of classic shades even in sweats looks a lot more polished.

Iron Iron Iron

Make sure you iron all your clothes, yes even your basic white T. When clothes are ironed they automatically look and feel a lot better. To save time, plan out your outfits for the week in advance and iron them at the start of each week.

Buy classic pieces

Its nice to buy whatever is trendy, but this usually means that these items will only be worn for six months or less. Purchase classic pieces that you can pair with statement jewelry. Try sticking to black, white and beige and add color by changes your makeup or a bright clutch/ shoes.

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