5 ways to make you look and feel gorgeous

freshboutiqueincWhat you wear should enhance your personality by making you feel confident and attractive. To make you feel your best, here are five tips

The perfect fitting dress – A nice fitting dress looks great on anyone. Dresses in A-line shapes and simple shifts, look good on almost any figure. If you stick to classic colours and fabrics, your dress will never go out of style.

Good heels – Heels need to look sexy, yet comfortable. Heels will give you a good posture and emphasis your assets. If you are new to heels and prefer flats, opt for a wedge or kitten heels.

Tailored pieces – If you’re a petite size 6 or a size 14, a tailored piece will really make you stand out. The key in buying a tailored piece is not the price, but how the garment fits against your figure. A blazer is a great first buy, since it is so versatile. Go for staple colors like black, slate grey or nude. A tailored piece will add polish to the most simplest outfits.

Simple Jewellery – Jewellery has a way to catch your attention. If you want to show off a nice neckline, wear a simple chain. For modern minimalists, look for everyday jewellery and stay away from imitation pieces.

Colours – The right colour can make your skin pop and enhance your natural beauty. If you’ve gotten a slight tan, choose pieces in white or light grey. For darker skin tones, choose from a range of primary colors. For fairer skin tones, choose deep rich colours.

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