How to make a skirt suit look chic

freshboutiqueinA skirt suit is a great way to add a touch of professionalism to your everyday work wardrobe. Remember, that if you buy a neutral color, you can always use the blazer or the skirt as separate pieces. Another great styling tip is that a skirt suit can easily go from workwear to evening drinks, just by removing the blazer. Here are tips to get your skirt suit right;

Skirt suits give out a serious massage of professionalism. However, skirt suits that are on-trend, give out a more fun vibe. So opt for tan, powder pink/blue or yellow. These colours are more wearable and less harsh.

When choosing a skirt suit, look for one that is a little below the knee. Skirt suits at the knee are dated and should be avoided.

Style your suit with a nice blouse. Don’t go for a simple singlet, instead look at pairing a  satin blouse with a bit of lace detail or a white blouse with a pussy bow. This will give your suit a bit of softness and femininity.

Choose your shoes wisely. You could opt for a simple pump in a neutral shade. This is versatile and will work with the rest of your wardrobe. But, if you want to give your outfit a bit more edge, go for a metallic side with a high heel. These are great in dull gold or silver.

To finish your look, carry a sophisticated, sleek, hand bag. Go for a nude, tan, leather or dove grey bag.

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