A guide to office dress codes

Workspaces and office cultures have changed over the years. Nowadays some offices operate from home-offices, coffee shops, or at any place that offers free Wi-Fi access. However, offices still require standards when it comes to office dress codes. Here is a guide to standard office dress codes.

  1. Lengths – If you are wearing a skirt or a dress to work, look at pieces that reach your knees or are a little below your knees. These lengths are not only flattering; they make working and moving around an office a lot easier.
  2. Necklines – Avoid plunging necklines that may make you feel conscious and your colleagues uncomfortable.
  3. Be prepared – It is best to keep a blazer or a sweater at your desk together with a pair of ballet flats, just in case you need to dress up or dress down an outfit.
  4. Less is more – Keep your makeup and your perfume simple for work. Look at a good quality foundation, blush, mascara and a little lipstick or lip gloss. Complete your outfit with a fresh smelling perfume that is subtle.
  5. Jewelry – It is best to avoid jewelry that jangles around the office. Therefore, opt to wear a pair of earrings, a watch, and a single chain.

Heels – If you want to wear heels to work, buy a pair that is of a reasonable height and one that is comfortable to wear throughout the day.Save

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