Amazing Ideas for Romantic Engagement Ring Closeups

It’s becoming more common for couples to include one or two shots of the beautiful antique engagement rings that have become so popular in the past few years. The timeless looking styles lend themselves to very picturesque and romantic shots. Here are a few ideas on how to frame these shots, in order to show off the best side of your ring.

Take the Ring Off

Engagement ring shoots tend to take place in unique and interesting locales. Take the ring off and let the photographer play around with the location a bit. You might be surprised to find the perfect branch, or a creative bend in a wrought iron fence, that will frame vintage engagement rings beautifully. Don’t worry, says Cynthia Findlay Antiques, vintage rings won’t break so easily. Just bring them in for a cleaning after the shoot if it gets dirty.

Photographs are emotional, but photographers develop an eye for romance and art. If you don’t have any ideas having surveyed the venue for the shot, the photographer might have something in mind.

Capturing the Moment

A lot of engagement ring shots try and re-create the moment from a POV perspective. Shot usually over your fiance’s shoulder, your hand in his or you standing above the camera with the focus on the custom jewellery from Toronto that’s on your finger. Photographers typically use a technique called “depth of field”, which captures what’s immediately in front of the lens in high detail while blurring the background elements. The result is something whimsical and cute.

Arm and Arm

The final idea is one you’ve probably seen before. It’s the two of you, arm in arm, with engagement ring in full view. It’s a timeless looking photo that will fit well in any album, and it’s really simple to shoot no matter the locale.

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