Angelina’s chestnut cream

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Angelina tea room is one of the best places for having a great cup of tea along with a variety of pastries and desserts. Chestnut cream or spread is another one of Angelina’s specialty.

This particularly creamy chestnut spread is Angelina’s exclusive recipe. It is made from the best quality chesnuts and vanilla bean, which makes it unctuous and delicate. The chestnut cream is the main ingredient of Angelina’s signature pastry: The Mont Blanc, which is a delicious combination of meringue, whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicilli.

Chestnut cream is often served for breakfast and can be spread like jam. It is also used for the making of many desserts. It also blends in with yogurt, ice cream and even with whipped cream. The main ingredients of the Angelina’s chestnut cream include chestnut, brown and white sugar, vanilla pods.

Angelina’s chestnut cream is creamy and rich in flavor. The taste of chestnuts is subtly married to the aroma of vanilla from Madagascar. Angelina’s chestnut cream is available not only in jars but also in tubes.

After having the famous delectable chestnut cream, you will want to go back to Angelina Tea House soon. Therefore, it would be a good option that you get yourself a couple of these tubes when you go back home, so that you can enjoy this delicious spread and relive your Angelina’s experience until your next visit to the tea house.

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