Drinking Chocolate at the Angelina Tearoom

Any trip to Paris requires a visit to the Angelina Tearoom for a serving of their world-famous hot chocolate. This beverage is like no other drinking chocolate because it’s so thick that people tend to liken it to pudding. Plus, Angelina’s hot chocolate recipe is composed of three types of carefully selected African cacao which brings it a depth of flavor that hasn’t been equalled by other chocolatiers for more than a century.

While the Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain” might be it’s most popular offering, the Angelina Tearoom actually offers other delightful drinking chocolates. For one, the hot chocolate actually comes in white! Yes, there exists an Angelina White Hot Chocolate. While it is just as thick, it definitely offers a unique but equally delightful experience.

The Angelina Tearoom also offers an Old-Fashioned Iced Chocolate “L’Africain” and it is perfect. The depth of flavor is the same as the hot versiou but the temperature and the ice itself makes for a less decadent but still remarkably pleasurable treat.

If you prefer something lighter, there’s also a chocolate tea for you to try. The Thé 226 au Cacao, is a chocolate flavored black tea with hints of biscuit and almond and scented by flower petals.

If you enjoyed any of these inspired chocolate beverages, make a stop at their delicatessen before you head out. There, you can purchase the hot chocolate in bottles. They also offer boxes of a hot chocolate mix while the tea can be purchased in bags or loose leaf.

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