Gift Ideas for a College Student

electric-beach-tv-teen-bedding_lCollege is a wonderful time in a growing teen’s life where he or she begins a new journey into an exciting world. It’s most people’s first time to set their own schedules, and many students will begin to form their habits during this time away from home. If your child plans to live on campus, or away from home, you can help them get off to a good start with some basic essentials like Nautica bedding or a set of stainless steel cooking pans. Here are some thoughts on gifts for college students.

College Dorm bedding

Bedding is something most college kids don’t think about until it’s too late. Aside from a friendly reminder to do laundry on time, it might benefit you to invest in bedding that will lost for several years. The key to buying college dorm bedding is to find something that will be useful throughout the year, and is durable enough to last many years away from home. Lighter fabrics, like cotton, are breathable and pair well with other sheets to regulate body warmth.

Kitchen Implements

You can find a stainless steel pot, pan and sauce pan for well under $100 online or in store. Coupons can save you a ton of money on orders like this, but the investment is worth it. The stainless steel lasts a long time, and it’s easier to cook with. Equip them with the minimum essentials, and teach them how to shop for the rest.

Don’t forget about other essentials too, like plastic ware to store food. These little containers will help students save on lunches out, and eat healthier with home cooked meals.

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