Classic Color Combinations that Work

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1292864_29186324Classic Color Combinations That Work

Mixing and matching colors in your wardrobe is fun and gives you the possibility of creating several different outfits with colored pieces well-assembled together.

How many colors to choose
Usually you can go up to 3 colors in your outfit provided the colors compliment each other. Opt for one prominent color and add a second color to compliment the first one. Their color’s role would be to highlight the first 2 colors you have chosen. Monochromes and dual color combinations work well too.

Classic neutral colors
If you want to play it safe, you might go for an all-black or all-grey look. Those are classics and would make you look elegant, especially for work. If you want to play around a little with those colors, try mixing grey and black or beige and white.

Pastels give a particularly fresh look to your outfit. You can choose to blend peaches and light blue or pastel green with pastel denims. You can also wear pastel accessories with neutral dresses and pants. A pair of pants in a neutral tone such as beige would be highlighted with matching blue pastel tops and shoes.

Neutrals and brights
Bright colors add a color pop and some zing to neutral colors. For example beige outfits look good with some pops of yellow. Dark blue and yellow go well together too. Imagine a vibrant red skirt along with a plain white top, the red and white complement each other perfectly.

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