How to dress between seasons?

When the season’s change and your weather moves from cold to sunny one minute to the next, you may find it difficult to decide what you should wear before you head out the door. Here are a few simple tips that will help you look your best while in mid-season.

Dress the part – Invest in pieces that are worn for the season you are transitioning. Opt to incorporate boots, a blazer or a scarf to each outfit to ensure you are warm when the weather gets chilly.

Layer away – Layering your clothing will mean that you can always take a few layers off if the weather is too hot or put on a few layers if it gets colder. Look at tank top, sweater, and jacket paired with jeans and ankle boots. Keeping your pieces’ neutral will help you match each piece with the other while ensuring the layers fresh and elegant.

Show some leg – If it’s not raining wear a skirt and stay warm with stockings and flats. Keep a pair of rain boots in your car or bag just in case it starts to rain.

Upgrade your cover – Invest in a safari-style jacket or a trench that is clinched at the waist. Trenches are light but are great to keep you warm if the weather gets colder or wetter.

Take shelter – A pretty umbrella in a rich, vibrant red, blue or orange can look beautiful and keep you dry.

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