Tips to look your best at work

Most of us spend a lot of time at work and feeling confident may help you be more productive and enjoy the time you spend at the office. Here are a few tips to look your best at work.

Have a good skincare routine – Office lighting can be harsh and the best way to develop flawless, healthy skin that doesn’t require much makeup, is to develop a good skincare routine. Always remove your make up after work using a good quality makeup remover and cleaner.

Take a break – Although you may be busy at work, look at taking a 10-minute break to step outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Get up and move – Instead of calling or emailing your colleagues, walk over to their desks and speak to them face to face. Not only with the interaction help you to solve your inquiry faster, but it will also make you seem more approachable to your colleagues.

Look away from the computer – To rest your eyes, look at looking away from your monitor every hour.

Take care of your hands – Constant heating or air conditioning in the office can make your hands dry. Look at moisturizing your hands at least two times during your workday.

Stay hydrated – Drinking water during your work hours will help you stay hydrated and help you make sensible choices during the week.

Dress right – Buy clothing that is in line with your company dress code, and in outfits that leave you comfortable throughout the day.

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