What Works With Gold And What Doesn’t?

Make your outfit glow by adding gold jewelry to coordinated clothing color choices. Gold is a versatile warm color that works well with colors like: bold red, blush pink, fuchsia, dark blues, deep green, orange, and even basic black and white.

The royal tones of purple and gold can go well together, but you should never mix gold and yellow together. There is just too much going on that will create a clash of yellow and gold that just won’t look right. Don’t mix neon colors like highlighter yellow and green with a gold necklace or earrings, it will look like you got teleported back to the 80s.

Wearing an earth tone dominant dress or slacks with a dress shirt can look boring or stuffy by itself. Polish your outfit with the addition of Gold Christian jewelry like a religious ring or pendant and add a brighter or lightly colored cardigan to add a lightness to a dark outfit. Never wear all beige, tan, or brown because you are going to look like you are in your birthday suit.

With so many beautifully designed prints of foxes, birds, bicycles, and even pizza, there isn’t a pattern that could stand in the way of delicate and demure Christian Jewelry pieces. Wear one ring or many, your style is up to you.

Before you leave to begin your day give yourself a look over and make sure the combination of gold jewelry and clothing you are wearing match. This is going to save you from being caught outside wearing neon.

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