How to Wear Harem Pants

Harem pants is popular simply because it fits every body shape and frame. Apart from that these pants are versatile, comfortable and light. These pants can be worn on almost every occasion whether casual lunches, business meetings or for running errands depending on how they are paired and which accessories are used. The tips below might help you to stay trendy with these pants.

1. The pants must be worn comfortably between the hips and waist.
2. Choose the harem pants according to your size. In order to fit comfortably the pants should not be too big or baggy. They should neither be tight or too small. When wearing the harem pants it is important to stay comfortable without having too much fabric.

  1. Black harem pants are a great for a neutral everyday look. You might also choose patterns if your tops is of a solid color.
  2. You should accompany the harem pants with tops that have some shape. Since the pants would be so loose, something that looks more defined would be needed on top. Some pairing examples are tank tops, blouses, sweaters or fitted T-shirts.
    5. For a casual look, pair your harem pants with a some flats and choose pants that sit just below the knees or that are fitted to the calf.
    6. When pairing the pants with a jacket, the latter would need to be sleek and in a fitted style to counter the loose aspect of the pants.

Staying trendy in harem pants does not require too much work. It is just a matter of choosing the right clothing pieces to pair with the pants.

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