Three Makeup Tips that Combat Signs of Mature Skin

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Aging is a natural process. While we might not be able to stop the process of growing older, there are ways to minimize the physical signs of mature skin. Sure, you can reach for the latest anti-aging product on the market, but many of these products takes weeks if not longer to yield results. So how you do look younger today? How do you look younger, now? That’s where makeup comes into the picture.

Just because you’re growing older doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt younger-looking skin. Here are three effective makeup tips that will hide the physical signs of mature skin, today.

Use a Face Primer

If you don’t use a face primer, now is the time to buy one that works for you. One of the most recent makeup products to hit the market, face primers work wonders for mature skin. Aging skin is usually dehydrated, sun-damaged, uneven, or a combination of all three. A proper face primer will instantly re-surface the skin, creating a silky soft surface. With a new surface, products will glide easier on the skin providing a better finish. There are many different types of primers on the market, including some with anti-aging ingredients. Pick one that’s right for mature skin.

Get Rid of the Upper Eye Lid Sag

Have you noticed sagging underneath your upper eye lids? You’re not alone. One of the most common signs of aging is the sag underneath the upper eye lid. Although many people might turn to their plastic surgeons for help, a simple makeup trick can solve the problem and turn back the hands of time. To hide the appearance of the sag underneath that area, use the highlighting technique. Using a lighter shade of foundation, highlight the area in the hard edge under the sag. Next, blend the area into the soft edge above.

Remove the Under Eye Pouch

Do you have puffy eyes? No problem! Another very common sign of mature skin is the under eye pouch. However, even women in their teens and twenties can have puffiness under the eyes from poor diet or lack of sleep. To get rid of the pouch, simply use the highlighting technique to highlight the hard edge of the crease. Then, blend up into the soft edge. You can also apply a darker contour on the puffy area. Applying a darker shade will push the area back and minimize the appearance of puffiness.
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