Laura Ashley Bedding & Quilts: Add A Little Flair to your Room

Laura-Ashley-Bedding-&-Quilts-Add-A-Little-Flair-to-your-RoomLaura Ashley has been a polarizing figure in the household industry for some time now. Boasting an impressive resume of features in high-end newsletters such as: The Los Angeles Times, ABC News and E! Online, Laura Ashley has changed the way we see home furnishings today. Expanding globally, their products have become an international figure and a household name.

Comfort Meets Affordable

Pricing is affordable, which gives the average consumer more freedom to purchase their products. For a standard quilt you can pay less than 100 dollars without sacrificing the quality of the material. Loaded with plenty of positive customer reviews, Laura Ashley bedding products continue to provide excellence and are definitely recommended.

The Many Uses of Quilts

When you first think of quilts, you might think of a homemade stitched one that your family member made for you when you were young. Quite frankly, you are not that far off. Quilts have been used for special occasions and often times as gifts. What they are also good for is their visual appeal.

Quilts are not a blanket, nor are they a duvet, but a covering for your bed. Three layers are stitched together to create a layer that proves to be thick but appealing in nature. Quilts can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are hanging it over your bed or using it as an extra layer of warmth, they are a versatile item that is treasured.

Laura Ashley brand quilts prove that they can become an important asset in your bedding designs. Their quality is outstanding and their detail is so fine-tuned, it begs the question, “When can I get one?”

Bio: Beddingstyle, a leading online linen store is the home of writer Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos.

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