The Best breathable fabrics for hot weather july 2016When the weather gets warmer it is best to choose breathable fabrics to keep you cool and sweat free. Finding the right breathable fabrics from touch can be difficult, so always consult a sales person and check your labels. Here are a number of breathable fabrics to look out for on your next shopping run.

Chambray – This is a lighter version of denim, that breathes gloriously. Chambray is great on its own (for example, as a shift dress) or as a casual skirt paired with a white singlet top. Since chameroy is light blue, it brings about an instant summery feel. Add bright or dull gold jewellery to complete the look.

Linen – Linen is made using vegetable fibres and therefore absorbs and releases your sweat rapidly. Although linen wrinkles quickly, this gives out a very relaxed summer vibe. Buy a linen shirt, shift, skirt or flared paint and your next summer holiday will be a comfortable one. Choose styles with darts at the bust and waist to add shape and form to your outfit.

Cotton – Cotton is a day or night fabric that is cool and comfortable. Cotton can be brought mixed with lycra or polyester. However, the most breathable, are 100% cotton clothing. Cotton can look great as a t-shirt, maxi dress/skirt or a summer dress. Choose styles with a print to bring a pop of colour and fun to your outfit.

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