Wedding Guest Dress Code style guide

freshboutiqueinc aug 2016Article Written by : M Beauty Cream

As a wedding guest you might find it daunting to find what outfit looks the best for the event and theme.  Most weddings are unique, but there are a few key tips that everyone should remember;

You should always avoid white. Not that you can distract attention from the bride, but it is best to make sure that the bride’s day to wear white is her own.

If you are unsure about the dress code, always over dress.

Distracting colors like overbearing prints or neons should be avoided.

Be mindful of the fit. For example your dress should have a respectful hemline and one that doesn’t should off your curves too much.

Here are some style tips to keep you celebrating in style.

Formal – Look for long dresses or cocktail-length dresses in colours like blue, black, grey. Avoid bulky designs and choose designs that are fit, sleek and clean.

Semiformal – This type of event gives you a little bit more room to play with. Think bolder shades with fun accessories. You could look at a pretty skirt with an embellished top.

Beach Formal – Keep your style romantic by choosing vibrant shades that are inspired by summer. Ensure that you are prepared for the elements, such as sand, water and wind.

Black Tie – An evening gown is a good idea with glam jewellery to create a red carpet look.

Casual – Stay clear of denim and look at a simple summer dress with your hair up. Casual also means you should check if it is an outdoor event that involves sand, water and wind.

Fail Proof – A fail proof option is black. As it can always look appropriate at any event.

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