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Saving Money with DIY Gold Jewelry

Written by Too Cute Beads Having 14k gold jewelry might seem like a luxury that only people with deep pockets can afford. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you are willing to do it yourself! Crafty jewelry lovers understand that it’s possible — and easier than you might think — to use […]

The perfect dress for fall

Summer might be gone for now, but this does not rule out going out. Instead of going for fall staples such as a cozy sweatshirt and jean combination, you might want to consider a dress for your social events. A dress could provide you with a more polished look with a minimal effort. You could […]

Gift Ideas for a College Student

College is a wonderful time in a growing teen’s life where he or she begins a new journey into an exciting world. It’s most people’s first time to set their own schedules, and many students will begin to form their habits during this time away from home. If your child plans to live on campus, […]

Fall makeup tips

Fall is here and with the change of season, you might want to go for a change of makeup style. Fall is the time of great celebrations such as Halloween and Thanksgiving and while you might be wearing some other kind of makeup for Halloween, you might try the tips below to wear make up […]

Dressing for New Year’s Eve

Choosing the dress Opt for a nice cocktail dress for New Year’s eve. An elegant choice would be a little black dress, which might already be in your wardrobe. You could also add some fun by choosing a retro party dress. Sequined sheath dresses might also be great to get you in the festive mood. […]

5 Makeup Basics Every Girl Should Own

If you are starting out with makeup, the first step would be to constitute your starter makeup kit. Avoid buying too much cosmetics at the beginning. Start with the basics and then fill up your makeup kit as you start trying out new products and begin to know about your preferences. 1. Light foundation or […]

The Right Shoes for the Right Occasion

The Right Shoes for the Right Occasion Shoe shopping for special occasions require careful selection to match them with your outfit and to adhere to the set theme of the event. For the office For office work choose something elegant and formal in muted colors such as blacks, dark browns, greys and beiges. For heels, […]

Classic Color Combinations that Work

Classic Color Combinations That Work Mixing and matching colors in your wardrobe is fun and gives you the possibility of creating several different outfits with colored pieces well-assembled together. How many colors to choose Usually you can go up to 3 colors in your outfit provided the colors compliment each other. Opt for one prominent […]

Benefits Of A Sunless Tanning Equipment

During the summer, many people will bask under the sun to get the tan they have been wanting for the longest time. Have you ever noticed why many Hollywood celebrities and models from Victoria’s Secret sport that bronzed look? Simply because it gives off a healthy complexion. If you want to take the easy and […]

Why Women Should Purchase Body Shape Wear

Full body shapers are nothing new, they have been around for many years to help women achieve a better looking figure. Many A-list Hollywood celebrities (yes, including the size 2 ones) wear full body shapers each time they walk down the red carpet. These body shapers give them a slimmer look, thus, instantly boosting their […]