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7 Celebs Who Look Spectacular Without Makeup

Women everywhere can make it possible to be beautiful with creativity and style in applying their makeups. They ten it to be perfect at looks to have confidence especially the celebrities that we see on television and even in person. But imagine a celebrity that definitely go out without putting up some makeup and have […]

Wedding Guest Dress Code style guide

As a wedding guest you might find it daunting to find what outfit looks the best for the event and theme.  Most weddings are unique, but there are a few key tips that everyone should remember; You should always avoid white. Not that you can distract attention from the bride, but it is best to […]

Stop Making These Beauty Blunders

We all make them. Sometimes they happen out of ignorance, other times we listen to bad advice from celebrities (hi Snooki and Gwyneth Paltrow!) or even from well-meaning friends. Or we read a headline but not the whole article or misunderstand what the piece is actually saying. But that’s okay. We’re here to help! Conditioning […]

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The Best breathable fabrics for hot weather

When the weather gets warmer it is best to choose breathable fabrics to keep you cool and sweat free. Finding the right breathable fabrics from touch can be difficult, so always consult a sales person and check your labels. Here are a number of breathable fabrics to look out for on your next shopping run. […]

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3 Things every woman should know about high heels

A very few women are able to walk for hours in high heels. The rest of us, need to understand 3 main tips to make sure, we purchase the right heels that are most comfortable. Here are 3 key areas that need to be considered before your next shoe purchase – construction, materials and brands. […]

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Springs 7 must try colour combos

Many designer runways have added these fresh combos this spring season. They have been included in fashion, beauty, entertaining and home decor. These duos are not always paired, but work surprisingly well to bring out the season. Coral and Melon – This combo is not subtle, but will definitely get you noticed. Match these hues […]

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Tips to Manage an Estate Sale and Keep the Things You Care for Most

Odds are strong that at some point in your life, you’ll need to answer the question of whether or not an estate sale is for you. It might be that a relative passed away in a nursing home, or you could be facing retirement and looking to downsize. Estate sales are all about disposing of […]

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3 easy work wear outfits when you’re feeling lazy or running late

Mornings usually don’t go as planned. Maybe your alarm didn’t go off, or you pressed the snooze button too many times and now you are running late. On other days you may have had a late night, and now feel sleep deprived and lazy. However, most of us are not able to take a day […]

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How to make a skirt suit look chic

A skirt suit is a great way to add a touch of professionalism to your everyday work wardrobe. Remember, that if you buy a neutral color, you can always use the blazer or the skirt as separate pieces. Another great styling tip is that a skirt suit can easily go from workwear to evening drinks, […]

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5 ways to make you look and feel gorgeous

What you wear should enhance your personality by making you feel confident and attractive. To make you feel your best, here are five tips The perfect fitting dress – A nice fitting dress looks great on anyone. Dresses in A-line shapes and simple shifts, look good on almost any figure. If you stick to classic […]