5 Beauty Products That Will Help You Deal With a Meltdown

Even though crying is considered human, there are times when it should be avoided altogether. One of these situations include that when you are working.

No matter what, taking criticism is part of the job but given that we are human, here are 5 beauty products that could do just the trick:

#1: Eyeko Makeup Remover Wipes

While crying will ruin even waterproof mascara in the form of smudges, this product which costs $9 should do the trick. The eye cloths will clear smears without hurting the eyes while also preventing under-eye redness too.

freshboutique#2: Innoxa Eye Drops

These eye drops, which are French, work to brighten one’s eyes which works for a number of purposes and not just limited to a meltdown and tears. Now you can buy them online for about $29.

#3: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

Known for its effectiveness especially for blotchy skin, this concealer is considered to be so powerful that it can conceal a tattoo. It costs about $48.

#4: Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection

Since eyelash spikes caused by tears can easily give you away, using this product will help you to refresh your eyelashes but hide the tears as well. A correcting topcoat added after separating your eyelashes might just be what the doctor ordered. It costs only $16.

#5: Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush

When you have flawless red lipstick on, no one will notice whether you have a meltdown or not. It’s an excellent distraction and costs only $50.

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