Effective Ways to Reduce Eye Strain at the Office

Completely cutting screens out of your life is simply not a practical solution, especially considering how essential they can be in your line of work, for keeping in touch with those who you care about, or for entertainment. Studies have shown how screen usage can contribute to headaches, eye strain, and dry eyes.

Most work in the average corporate office is done on computers, which could make screen-related fatigue feel almost inevitable. That being said, there are some techniques you can use to increase your chances of being able to work pain-free.

Find the Ideal Distance

Not having the right prescription can put unnecessary strain on your eyes. Multifocal contacts can be crucial because you want to be able to see both close-up and at larger ranges. One issue you might be experiencing at work is sitting at an uncomfortable distance from your monitor. If you sit too close you might be exposing your eyes to too much light. If you sit too far away you might be straining your eyes by squinting. Putting unnecessary pressure on your eyes to focus on what is displayed on the screen can be bad for your eye health. The important thing is to find that balance.

Blue Light Filter App

A useful tool you can install on your computer is a blue light filter app. Many screens emit strong blue lights that can be intense on the eyes. Getting the right contacts on Lens.com is important but they will not protect your eyes from blue light damage. These apps can lower how much blue light comes through the screen.

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