How to buy the perfect white shirt?

A classic white shirt can be worn for any occasion from business, travel to casual events. Here are some tips on how to invest in a perfect white shirt that will get you through any occation.

Shape – The shape of your shirt will ensure that it suits your personality and shape. If you are looking for a refined finish, look at a white shirt with a structured collar. To stave off wrinkles look at a cotton shirt with a bit of stretch. Always opt for a tailored style instead of a loose shape as this will flatter almost any body type. Your shirt can be sheer but should not be too sheer and show off your lingerie. Rounded short tails are easy to tuck and will draw less attention to your midsection if you choose to wear your shirt untucked.

Bust – Your shirt should be closely near the bust, but should not cause your buttons to stretch. To avoid this, wear your shirt in the store, sit down and stand up and look at the overall comfort across your back.

Shoulder seams – Your shirt should skim the edge of your shoulder bone. Proper shoulder placement is critical for an excellent

Detail – Less detail is best as this would mean that you can get more wear from your shirt.

Aftercare – White shirts will last a lot longer if they are hand washed with a gentle soap after a couple of wears.

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