How to dress for any occasion

Ensuring you wear the right outfit for any occasion is a skill that should be mastered. Here are some smart tips to help you wear the right outfit for any occasion.

A wedding – White is a no, no, but any other color is perfectly fine for a wedding. Let the invitation, season and the hour be your guide. For morning weddings consider something floral and strappy. For night weddings look at solid colors in structured designs. While for events in between, look at a semi-formal outfit.

A cocktail party – Most cocktail parties are dressy-casual, and you will never go wrong with a simple black LBD. Look at heels and adding simple accessories to add interest. Black pants or dark jeans can also look very polished when worn with a crisp white shirt.

A dinner party – First ask the host if the event is a dressy or casual affair. Look at wearing jeans and a nice top for a casual event, while a dress will look pretty for a formal dinner.

A business dinner or a company party – Use your office culture to plan your outfit. If you work in a conservative environment, look at dressing up your usual work outfit with a pair of earrings or a blazer. It is always best to leave the revealing outfits for a night out with friends, as an outfit that is too sexy can send the wrong message to your boss and colleagues.


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