How to Gently Remove Waterproof Makeup

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Almost everyone knows the benefits of waterproof mascaras and lipsticks. These makeup are long-lasting. However, it can also be the cause of serious strains to completely remove the makeup. In cases where you do not have any makeup remover at hand, these alternatives can be very effective in gently removing waterproof makeup.

Olive Oil

Using olive oil as a beauty treatment is not all that new. However, this oil is mostly used as a moisturizer. Some people also believe that when used on the eyelashes it helps them to grow. Olive oil can also prove to be a powerful makeup remover as it breaks down the waterproof properties of makeup making them less dry and more fluid.

Petroleum Jelly

Another powerful moisturizer, it is believed that Marilyn Monroe used petroleum jelly as her makeup base as her skin was dry. Petroleum jelly is also effective in removing waterproof makeups such as pigmented lips colors or liquid eye liners. The lips and eyes would then only need to be gently wiped with a cloth or cotton piece.

Cold Cream

After a long day in a dry or windy environment, it is quite soothing to treat your skin to layers of cold cream. This is ideal for the deep hydration of the skin. Cold cream has also long been used as a makeup remover and is a good defense against stubborn makeup. The cold cream can be lathered on the skin and left to rest for a few minutes before being wiped off with a warm washcloth or cotton disc.

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