Top Summer Makeup Tips

When the heat is on, makeup has to adjust to work during the intense summer months. After applying the proper amount of sunscreen, here are some of the best tips available to achieve a great look for the hottest time of the year!


During the summer months, you don’t want to have on so much makeup that it is streaming from your face. For a day out at the beach or out on a hike, try not wearing base and just use a bit of concealer for a more stripped down, radiant look. Use a denser brand of concealer that will last longer than any liquid on the market and won’t leave your face feeling heavy throughout the day either.

Tinted Moisturizer

For women that are not fans of the nude look, there are other alternatives to consider. One is a tinted moisturizer that can even out your skin tone, add a bit of radiance to your face, and most importantly won’t leave your face loaded with extras during the intense summer months.

Safe Bronzer

Depending on your skin tone, a bronzer with peach undertones with a slight shimmer may be just what your face needs across the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and the temples. Try Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzing Powder 101 and see how it can transform your face.

Strategic Shine

Use a liquid highlighter across the cheek and brow bones and down to the bridge of the nose for a glimmering summer look. With a little practice, your makeup will be perfection and effortlessly blended from experience.

Multitasking Makeup

A satin-finish lipstick can work just as diligently throughout the day as a cream blush. M.A.C.’s Satin Lipstick is one of the best to try to get the look you will absolutely love.

Bio: Dev Randhawa was born in the US, and has a passion for hair and makeup. Dev Randhawa writes about the latest trends she finds online at her blog, and as guest posts.

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