5 hair mistakes that make you look older

freshboutiqueincArticle Written by : Evolutions Studio

Your haircut and color can have a big impact on how old you will look. Here are 5-hair mistakes that will make you look older.

Avoid solid colors– When coloring your hair, avoid applying a solid color from root to tip. To make your look softer, choose multi-tonal color applied as streaks. If you are coloring your hair, choose a salon visit rather than DIY at home color. You can stretch your visits by touching up your color at home with a color wand.

Skip the blunt cut – As we age, the plumpness of our faces reduces and becomes more angular. Since round faces are associated with youth, avoid blunt cuts, like bobs close to the jawline with no layering. Instead choose a lob, which is a longer bob, which falls beneath the jaw line. Opt for subtle layering near your face.

Avoid looking brassy – Yellow tones will look brassy and old fashioned. Instead choose warmer tones, which adds a glow and shine to the face and hair.

Long or short – Most people think that once they turn 30, they need to go short. Although very long, straight hair can draw attention to fine lines, long hair with subtle waves with volume gives a youthful appearance.

Focus on condition – Gray hair tends to be coarser and dry. Therefore, focus on conditioning your hair often and avoiding UV rays. It is also advisable to take a vitamin supplement that nourishes your hair and skin.


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