Fashion myths you should ignore

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With fashion constantly changing and evolving, it is good to ignore fashion myths that will leave you feeling less that exceptional. If you buy online, invest in a few of these staples to stretch your wardrobe.

Don’t wear socks with sandals – Apart from being super comfortable and stretching your sandals over to the colder months, pairing your socks with your sandals are a good idea. You should, however, make sure your socks are interesting and that they match the rest of your outfit.

Avoid wearing black and navy together – There is no reason why you should not pair these shades together. They are close in color, but different enough to stand out.

Keep gold and silver separate – This is a strange rule because gold and silver mix very well. Look at this combo as a clutch, cross-body bag or a cuff.

Mixing prints is not on – Pairing different prints is very feminine and can really make your outfit stand out. Just remember to pair a larger print with a smaller one, in complementary tones.

Once you’re a certain age you need to change your style – Putting limits on you and your personality will only leave you wearing pieces that make you feel average. Instead, wear what you love as long as you feel comfortable in it.

Only wear your sparkly pieces for the evening – You can wear your fancy pieces during the day, but just pair them with casual


Visit an online shopping website of your choice and invest in a few of these pieces to spice up your wardrobe.

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