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Dressing for New Year’s Eve

Article Submitted By Young Fashion Choosing the dress Opt for a nice cocktail dress for New Year’s eve. An elegant choice would be a little black dress, which might already be in your wardrobe. You could also add some fun by choosing a retro party dress. Sequined sheath dresses might also be great to get […]

Classic Color Combinations that Work

Article Submitted By A Fashionable Mind Classic Color Combinations That Work Mixing and matching colors in your wardrobe is fun and gives you the possibility of creating several different outfits with colored pieces well-assembled together. How many colors to choose Usually you can go up to 3 colors in your outfit provided the colors compliment […]

Why Women Should Purchase Body Shape Wear

Article Submitted By Young Fashion Full body shapers are nothing new, they have been around for many years to help women achieve a better looking figure. Many A-list Hollywood celebrities (yes, including the size 2 ones) wear full body shapers each time they walk down the red carpet. These body shapers give them a slimmer […]

Are You Looking For A Wholesale Clothing Mart

Article submitted by If you’ve been on the search for a cheap and reliable wholesale clothing mart that provides plenty of accessories, clothing and much more so that the customers have a wide range of products to choose from? Look no further, the company I recommend has extensive experience in providing distributor’s wholesale clothing […]

Cynthia Findlay Presents Vintage Flair for Less

Wondering how so many pull off the vintage look? The answer isn’t in big-box retailers. In fact, the vintage jewellery and fashion trends are found in secondhand stores and small shops all over the world. Before you put together your vintage wardrobe, read these tips on getting the style you want without breaking the bank. […]